Recover 2.0 Sports Medicine

Dr Thomas Jones, the founder of RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine is the creator of Recover 2.0. Dr Jones’ patent pending Recover 2.0 Sports Medicine based therapy is a culmination of his European Medical School training as well as his experience as a personal sports physician for professional athletes. Dr Jones’ designed and perfected Recover 2.0 during his twenty two year illustrious career. Recover 2.0 was ultimately created out of necessity as ART, Active Release Techniques, was not meeting the recovery demands of his professional athletes. Recover 2.0 is exclusive to RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sport Medicine and has made Dr Thomas Jones one of the most sought after imminent Sports Physicians on the East Coast. Dr Jones is accepting new patients on a limited basis, please call for RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine for availability.

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RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine is proud to accept most major insurance providers, as well as NJ Motor Vehicle No-Fault insurance providers. We are happy to contact your insurance carrier to determine what out-of-network benefits you are entitled to under your policy.

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