Functional Rehabilitation

RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine prescribes functional rehabilitation as soon as a patient’s injury is poised for treatment. Our distinctive approach to Functional Rehabilitation, which is a specialized type of physical therapy, utilizes a multi-phase customized progression of rehabilitative steps. Our physicians begin by controlling inflammation and minimizing pain. Their second objective is to restore/increase range of motion with the final step and intention to restore muscle strength, power and endurance. RecoveryZone, Orthopedic Spine and Sports Medicine’s functional rehabilitation, implements three-dimensional movements to strengthen isolated, previously injured muscles. The process prepares the whole body to return to daily activities or sports, stronger and more flexible.

We Accept America’s Most Common Insurance Policies.

RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine is proud to accept most major insurance providers, as well as NJ Motor Vehicle No-Fault insurance providers. We are happy to contact your insurance carrier to determine what out-of-network benefits you are entitled to under your policy.

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The benefits of functional rehabilitation at RecoveryZone Orthopaedic, Spine and Sports Medicine in Wall, New Jersey include:

  • Better muscle memory as it engages patient’s muscles with repetitive, functional exercises
  • Higher endurance to build cardiovascular stamina while improving endurance during high-intensity activities like weightlifting or running
  • Improved posture and balance by engaging the core to aid in proper spine alignment
  • Less joint pain as the joints strengthen and prevents overuse to alleviate pain and restore joint mobility
  • Improved flexibility by retraining  muscles to become more flexible, significantly reducing the chances of reinjury while alleviating pain and discomfort