RZ Custom Orthotics

RecoveryZone’s Dr Thomas Jones is one of the only physicians on the East Coast authorized to analyze, assess and custom fit our elite orthotics. These custom orthotics are currently being used by Major League baseball and the United States Olympic Team While there are many temporary, superficial routes to treating foot pain RZ’s Custom Orthotics work to permanently solve the problem. Custom Orthotics change the way your feet function on the ground and provide a personalized biomechanical solution.

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RecoveryZone Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine is proud to accept most major insurance providers, as well as NJ Motor Vehicle No-Fault insurance providers. We are happy to contact your insurance carrier to determine what out-of-network benefits you are entitled to under your policy.

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Orthotic Services

Custom orthotics can reduce pain and keep the foot in an ideal position when walking or performing other types of activities, such as running, pivoting or jumping. By placing a custom-designed orthotic underfoot, a patient has an improved and corrected stride, helping to alleviate a myriad of potential problems that can occur to feet, ankles and legs due to biomechanical deficiencies.

Busy individuals, as well as walkers, runners, dancers and athletes of all kinds, place a tremendous amount of stress on the intricate bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles in the foot and ankle each day. Improper gait can result in heel pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries and shin splints, among other conditions.

We Offer Fully Custom Orthotics

The good news is that a custom orthotic, made precisely to fit your foot and to keep it in an ideal and balanced position, can keep your foot moving the way it was meant to move and can help to prevent foot, ankle and knee pain, injuries and other ailments. We offer fully custom orthotics in our office, designed from an actual cast of your feet so the orthotics can precisely correct the exact abnormalities of your feet. This is much different than a mass-marketed insole or arch support, which cannot completely match the intricacies of how your foot is structured or aligned and offers an entirely different level of support.

If you suffer from pain, are susceptible to injury, or feel that your stride is less than ideal and that this fact results in poor performance or discomfort, then speak to our physicians to find out more about whether a custom orthotic can provide you with the support, control and pain relief you seek.