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Physician Designed and Medically Supervised Recovery Cupping offers increased blood flow to accelerate healing and is an integral part of a pain management program. To learn more about Therapeutic Recovery Cupping please visit our website.

Trusted By Our Patients

Awesome experience. Had issues since going back to the gym after years.. with my back and neck. Was able to fix it and keep helping me with it. Will keep going back whenever needed.
Zack Hollingworth
I was immobilized in bed with a sports injury, was treated by Dr. Michael Palmer and was able to walk, move around and do everything I needed to do the very next day. I am amazed at the quality of treatment. Dr. Palmer is a top notch doctor and an even better human being. I very highly recommend him.
Edwin D’cruz
Tom Jones and the Recovery Zone are far and away the best chiropractic - physical therapy "hands on" healing that I've experienced in over 3 decades. Beyond the treatment, the follow-up and sincere interest and care that goes beyond the visit is unparalleled. And, if that's not enough, the CryoTherapy is amazingly helpful!
Russell Grimaldi
Dr. Jones is truly dedicated to his profession and to helping his patients to full recovery, and ongoing health maintenance. Unlike other Chiropractors I have visited, who perform the same procedures for every person no matter what problem brought them there, Dr. Jones listens, takes his time in evaluating the root cause of your health concerns and treats you accordingly. He is top notch in his field and I recommend him highly.
Elizabeth Tanzi
Dr. Tom Jones is amazing. My son has been having ankle pain for a long time. We weren’t able to figure out what the issue was until we went to Recovery Zone and met with Dr. Jones. He was very thorough and pinpointed my son’s issues. We are incredibly grateful for the level of care that Dr. Jones provided and are looking forward to continued care!
Margaret Krupa
You will NEVER find a better Doctor. He’s the real deal and RecoveryZone is the whole kit and kaboodle. Do not come here if you want your back cracked twice and leave. He is talented in his diverse, patient-centric approach. He will also transform your perspective on physical health and often arm you with the knowledge on how to take an active role in working WITH your body not against it...Try it out for yourself and say goodbye to those dime-a-dozen snap, crackle, pop chiropractors.
Katherine Kuiken
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