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Michael A. Palmer

Medical Director

Dr. Michael A. Palmer, NU ’76 is a physician with a specialty in physiatry (physical, sports and  rehabilitation medicine), Disability Analytics and is a certified Independent Medical Examiner and currently a Partner of the RecoveryZone. His medical practice provides a holistic approach to orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions, combining a team of specialists with the goal of  alternative treatments for high school, college and professional athletes and orthopedic and rehabilitation issues of the  weekend warriors. He is on staff of the University of Pennsylvania Health care systems and the Princeton  Medical Center. Dr. Palmer has also practiced orthopedics and sports medicine in the past. He served 28 years as an Aerospace medicine physician and was Chief of aerospace medicine  with the distinction of being a senior flight surgeon in the Air Force Reserves and while on active duty during the gulf war, afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. He retired with  the rank of Lt 2017

Dr. Palmer received his bachelor’s degree in education for secondary sciences (with a concentration in  biology, chemistry, and physics) from Norwich in 1976. As a student in the Corps of Cadets, he played basketball, soccer and other intramural sports and was also a member of WNUB Radio, the Outing Club,  and the Rugby Club as well as being featured in Who’s Who. He was a recipient of an Air Force ROTC scholarship during his undergraduate training.

Later, Dr. Palmer obtained a master’s degree in Italian language and literature at the University of  Perugia in the region of Umbria and played professional basketball on the Island of Sardinia and Rome.  While living in Italy, he later enrolled at the University of Rome School of Medicine and Dentistry where he completed his medical education, graduating with honors and serving four years as an intern and resident in traumatology and orthopedics. Upon his return to the United States, .

Dr. Palmer completed a residency in internal medicine at New York Infirmary Beekman Hospital/New  York University in 1991 where he was appointed chief medical resident in his third year. He then  embarked on a second residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation, which he completed in 1994 at  the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He completed a sports and spine medicine  fellowship at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York where he was a clinical instructor of  rehabilitation medicine and involved in the development of many protocols for postoperative  rehabilitation for anterior cruciate ligament, meniscal injuries, total knee replacement, and patellofemoral pain syndrome. He was also involved in the treatment of college athletes and professional  athletes from the New York Knicks and New York Rangers.

He is a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine, School of Acupuncture Medicine. Dr. Palmer has a special interest in sports medicine  rehabilitation, myofascial pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, non- operative spine care, electrodiagnostic  neurophysiology including EMG’s and intraoperative somatosensory evoked potentials, selective lumbar  and cervical injections, and alternative medicine for the treatment of chronic myofascial pain  syndromes. Dr. Palmer also performs disability and independent medical examinations. He is board  certified by the American Academy of Pain Management, the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, and the American Board of Disability Analysts. He has also completed Master certificates from the University of Chicago in healthcare informatics, genetic engineering and CRISPR technology from Harvard and Healthcare Management from Yale School of Management.

Dr. Palmer is married to Tammy Eng-PalmerThe Palmers have two sons and one daughter: Mackenzie “Mack”, Dylan Coltrane, and Sydney Micaela.

1972–76 BS Norwich University (Education- Biology, Chemistry) 

1976–77 M.A. University of Perugia per straneri (Italian History, Language) 

1977–83 M.D. University of Rome School of Medicine and Dentistry 

2019 Masters Certificate, University of Chicago: Health Informatics 

2019–2020 Masters Certificate, Harvard University CRISPR: Gene editing application 7/1/2020–12/15/2020 Master Certificate, Yale School of Management: Health Care Management

1984–85 Intern in Medicine and Surgery, University of Rome Polyclinic 

1985–88 Fellow in Orthopaedics and Traumatology, University of Rome School of Medicine 1988–89 First Year Resident in Medicine, New York University Downtown Hospital, New  York, NY 

1989–90 Second Year Resident in Medicine, New York University Downtown Hospital, New  York, New York 

1990–91 Chief Medical Resident in Medicine, New York University Downtown Hospital, New  York, New York 

1991–94 Resident in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Medicine, Hospital of the University  of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 

1997 International Spinal Injection Society; Training workshop for Lumbar Spinal  

Injections, Stanford University School of Medicine 

1997 Training Workshop for Discograms and Cervical Spine Injections–Stanford  

University School of Medicine 

2000 American College of Sports Medicine Team Physician Certification 

2001 Training in Techniques for Percutaneous Electrothermal Therapy 

2006 Medtronic Certification for performing pre-implantation trials for the Dorsal Column  Neuro stimulation

8/94-9/95 Sports Medicine Non-Operative Spine care, Pain Management 

Beth Israel Hospital Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, Electrodiagnostics and  

Orthopaedics; Dr. Robert Gotlin and Insall Scott Kelly Orthopaedics Institute;  


6/96-12/96 Acupuncture Medicine: 

1996University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine, School of  

Acupuncture Medicine. Acupuncture for Medical Physicians

Princeton Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Associates 


Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dept. of Neurophysiology and Spinal Cord Intraoperative  Monitoring; the Medical Center of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey

1972–76 Air Force ROTC/Commission USAF 

1976–80 Active Duty USAF in Italy-NATO Special Forces Aviation Division 

1989 USAF Reserves, Westover AFB Flight Surgeon 

1990 Completion of the Aeronautical School Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Air Force  Base San Antonio TX 

Primary course Board certification in aerospace medicine 

1990 Completion of Water Survival School USAF/Navy Seal Training, Key West Florida 1992 Elected to Aerospace Medicine Council at Westover Air Force Base, Northeast Air  Station 

1992 Executive Chairman of the Pharmacy Committee, USAF 439th AMC Hospital 

1992 Member of the Infectious Disease Control Committee for Westover Air Force Base 1993 Promotion to rank of Major 

1995 Director of Tri-service Emergency medical Response Team Training Program;  

Northeast School, Westover Air Reserve Base 

1997 Appointed Chief of Aerospace Medicine and Occupational Medicine, Westover Air  Reserve Base, 439th Aeromedical Mobility Squadron 

1997 Appointed Instructor of Military Trauma Medicine: Top Star; School of Advance  

Trauma USAF Medical Center; Travis AFB, Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland  


1998 Completion of S.E.R.E. training, USAF San Antonio Texas 

2001 Mobilized to Active Military Duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 

2002 Appointed commander of the 439th Aeromedical Squadron B Unit training  

assembly, Westover ARB, Massachusetts. 

2002 Promotion Select to rank of Lieutenant Colonel  

2002 Promoted to Senior Flight Surgeon 

2002 Mobilized to Active Military Duty in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 

2002 Deactivated from Active duty returned to reserve status 

2008 Reassigned to Flight Medicine Department McGuire AFB and 47TH Air Refueling  Wing 

2009 Promoted to Chief Command Flight surgeon 

2016 Retired from the USAFR 2016 Lt. Col

1991–94 Instructor of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of  Medicine 

1994–1995 Instructor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

1996–present Consultant Sports Medicine; the College of New Jersey 

1997–present Pre-Medical Advisor/ preceptor; Princeton University 

1997–present School physician at Princeton High School sponsoring the student athletic trainer program

1990–91 Chief Medical Resident NYI-BDH New York University Downtown Hospital 

1990–91 Patient Service System Committee President of NYC residents Association 

1990–91 Emergency Room Physician, Greenville Hospital, Jersey City, New Jersey 

1991–94 West Jersey Hospital Systems: Emergency Room Physician 

1995 Associate Medical Staff, the Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dept. of  

Neurophysiology the Medical Center at Princeton 

1997 Medical advisory committee-Home care services The Medical Center at Princeton Board

Certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management 

Certified American Board of Independent Medical Examiners 

Certified American College of Sports Medicine: Team Physician Certification 

Certified USAF School of Aerospace Medicine in Aerospace Medicine 12/1990 School of  Occupational Medicine 

ECFMG Board Certification 

BLS certification 

ACLS certification

1984 Honors Graduate, University of Rome, School of Medicine and Dentistry 

1997 Air Force Medal of Commendation 

2002 Air Force Medal of Meritorious Service 

2007 2nd Air Force Medal of Meritorious Service 

Member of the Board of Trustees- Norwich University 

Academic Affairs committee and Student affairs committee  

Director of Safety activities Beth Israel Hospital North; Dept. of Rehabilitation  Medicine

Instruction of medical students and interns, NYU School of Medicine 

Instruction to medical students and residents at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Clinic supervisor to rehabilitation residents at Mount Sinai Medical Center 

Preceptor for Pre-Professional Health Services, Princeton University 

Instructor in Sports Medicine, the College of New Jersey 

Clinical Preceptor; Pfizer-Searle Pharmaceutical Co. 

Instructor of Military Trauma Medicine, Top Star Wilford Hall, Texas, USAF, Travis AFB Medical  Center